Dealing with moments of crippling self-doubt

Or maybe there’s no way to deal with these moments.  Bring on the day.

And, there’s this:

Don’t Forget the Straws

It’s been one of those days. Turns out that the promotion dangled in front of me last week isn’t as fantastic as I originally thought. Not as much money, slightly different (and more boring) work than they told me, and a heavy expectation of me making a commitment at some point.

I feel like hiding under my desk, for no real reason in particular, just that I feel like I don’t belong, and am monumentally unsuited to the tasks these people are giving me. My office mate is out sick for the day, so I might hide under her desk, as it is less visible from the hall.

Hiding under a desk 

I always wonder how people manage to live their lives without going crazy.  Insanity seems inevitable.  And I’m kind of looking forward to the day I go insane.  It sounds like great fun.

EDIT: I’m not spiraling, a typical reaction for me, which is good.  I’m just blocked, creatively and professionally, and I’m hoping it will end soon.


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