A list of my work that has been published in print or online, from sources reputable and otherwise:

Katima-Flash – Newsletter for Katimavik in the Prairies, NWT and Nunavut Region (print)
– Jan/Feb/March 2006
“Katimavik: Experiences to Last a Lifetime” (article, originally published in the Edson Leader, 2005)

The Boar – Arts student magazine at University of Waterloo (online)
– February 1, 2009 <;
Gramma & I” (short story)

– December 29, 2009  <;
How I Met The Sky” (poem)

Blueprint Magazine – Wilfrid Laurier Student Publications, Arts student literary magazine at WLU (print)
– Volume 9, Issue 6 Feburary 2010: The Patriotism Issue
The News” (poem), page 3.

ATC: Across The Creek – St. Jerome’s Student Literary Magazine (print)
Volume 5, Issue 27 Winter 2010
“The Apex of Evolution” (poem), page 15.


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